Water Softener Features

GE logix control w/ Autotrol 268 valve. Other controls and valves available upon request.

Timer Control- Our electronic timer control is the latest technology in timer water softeners.

 Most Popular Choices



These timer controls are great for vacation homes or anywhere water is not used on a regular basis.



Demand Control- Our demand control has all the great consumer friendly features of our timer control with the added smarts to regenerate only as needed based on your families water usage. 



Valve-All of our water softeners feature a cam driven valve. What does this mean? A cam driven valve provides a non-friction bearing seal. Eliminating friction simply means they virtually never wear out.

This is an exploded view of our cam driven valve. Notice how few parts there are. Fewer parts mean fewer problems making them the most durable long lasting valves on the market.


This is an exploded view of a piston valve used by other companies. Notice all the small, internal parts.  Hardness and sediment even in small amounts can play havoc on all those small parts that are mostly made of plastic or rubber. What a nightmare!!


While we do stock components from all the major manufacturers, all of the water softeners featured on our web site are what we have found to be the most durable, most efficient, and virtually maintenance-free systems possible. We want everything to be as simple and user friendly as possible for our customers.
If you would like to see the features and components of a particular softener simply click the BUY link next to that product.